Alessandro Nesta

Alessandro Nesta was born in Rome, Italy on Mar. 19, 1976. As a famous Italian football player, he was widely regarded one greatest center-back of his generation. Competitive advantages of Alessandro Nesta include elegant style, dynamic energy, artistic tackles and speed. For competitive ability and striking achievements who has achieved on football, not only well-known football clubs, but also powerful national football team are glad to cooperate with him.

At the age of 8, Alessandro Nesta determined to play football under advices of doctor. In order to mitigate back pain triggered by over-fast extension of his stature, his bone couldn’t bearing pressure of weight enough. As a result, he chose to play football at in a school in the proximity of home. On the basis of raw talent and distinguished potential, he began cutting a striking figure on football fields.

For elegant playing style, outstanding techniques and excellent predict ability, he played for his country at many major international matches in Italy football shirt, winning great achievements for the team.

Alan Shearer

Alan Shearer was born in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, England on 1 January 1946. When he was young, his father often bring him to watch football matches on football fields. He joined a football club of children aged 8 for outstanding performances than other children of his age.

As a retired football player, he played for many football clubs, such as Southampton (1986–1992), Blackburn Rovers (1992–1996), Newcastle United (1996–2006) and Tribute and testimonial. Pulling on England football shirt, Shearer started his own international playing career in 1990, scoring 13 goals in 11 games. He is also the record holder until now. For all factors above, he was widely regarded as the greatest footballer of his generation.

Alan Shearer – England

After the ending of his playing career, he took several-year off to enjoying life prior to next station of his life. Then he became an expert of TV, keeping close contact with the once beloved football in another manner. After took off England football shirt, he devoted himself to media, extending enthusiasm to the most popular sport in England.

Javier Adelmar Zanetti

Javier Adelmar Zanetti was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Aug. 10, 1973. He was widely regarded as one greatest footballer of his generation for prominent achievements he has made. Grown in a poor family, he spared no efforts to get his family out of poverty. The route to become a professional football player was not smooth as other football players. But short after the rejection from Independiente, he started professional football career by reaching an agreement with Talleres de Remedios de Escalada.

On Nov. 16, 1994, Zanetti made his first debut for Argentina national football team at a match against Chile. In 1996, he represented Argentina at Summer Olympics in Atlanta, United States. In 2002, Zanetti pulled on Argentina football shirt once again at the World Cup, helping the team reached the third place in fierce competition. Known for his stamina, consistency, technique and dynamic energy, he won numerous honors and trophies for the country, winning respects and admirations of many spectators and football lovers.